GelDotica returns

This is GelDotica again but with lowercase letters. I added lowercase after I had already released the GelDotica caps fonts to other sites online (which means good luck rescinding them all). I realize it’s pretty redundant having fonts that are only caps. Eventually they will be reorganized, but until then, here are some lowercase options! Next time I’ll post GelDotica plain-same font but without the dots in the Os. It was quite the controversy in my household. Those dots were added last and I thought they were the icing on the font cake. Showed it to DH and he said he liked it without the dots better. Showed DS and (without knowing there was a previous conversation) he said, “I like the dots in the Os!” So now there’s both. Thanks for visiting!

GelDotica Jumpy Caps

Hi there! This is another GelDotica font family called Jumpy. Also a fun font for scrapbooking or any type of display. You can download GelDotica Jumpy here. And please, if there are any questions or issues, please let me know!

New font blog

Hi there! I am starting this new font blog and hoping one day someone might read it. Anyway, I am a little obsessed with making fonts right now and I would like to share them with you!

This first group is from my family of fonts called GelDotica. About the name–I named my first font GelPen because I liked the playful look of bright gel pens on a black background and thought my handwriting font worked well with that. Continuing with the gel theme, GelDotica is a family of quirky fonts made of lines and dots and is also a nod to Helvetica.

You can download GelDotica here. This is a set of four all caps fonts for that fun scrapbooking look. Thanks, and come back for more free downloads!