Staff Meeting Font of the Day

Staff Meeting has all the circles in the text filled in like you might if you were bored at a staff meeting and doodling on a handout. There are three different fonts in this family, Staff Meeting, Quick Staff Meeting, and Really Quick Staff meeting, with the filled in circles getting messier and messier. It’s ready to download!

Brand new Shmooper font

Good morning and happy Monday! Here is a brand new font (so new that it isn’t even on my main website yet) to kick start the work week, only released yesterday!  It’s another hand drawn, thin and thick sort of font that’s especially good for headings and other types of display. Shmooper can be downloaded here. Also available for download on

GelDotica Jumpy Caps

Hi there! This is another GelDotica font family called Jumpy. Also a fun font for scrapbooking or any type of display. You can download GelDotica Jumpy here. And please, if there are any questions or issues, please let me know!