Good morning and happy Sunday! How about another free font download? It’s a handwritten Japanese (katakana and hiragana) and Latin typeface called KaoriGel. Named after and inspired by my dear friend from Chiba, Japan, this typeface is part of my GelPen series and was one of my first fonts. The Japanese characters are hiragana and katakana only. Sorry about the lack of kanji, but my Japanese is rather limited at this time. If you only use or need Latin characters this simple typeface would also be useful for captions and body text. You can download KaoriGel for free right here!

Brand New Font! Temari (手まりフォント)- A modern “spin” on traditional Japanese threaded balls!

Today I’d like to share my new font called Temari. Temari is a modern spin on traditional Japanese threaded balls. With 52 ball-shaped icons, this a great font for decorative touches! Although this is not a free font, it’s limited time introductory price is only $2.50!

Purchase and download Temari right here!

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Cat Cafe ネコカフェフォント

Hi there! Another free font download for you! This one is one of my favorites. It’s a Japanese (katakana and hiragana) and Latin character font called Cat Café. There are even a couple of kitties with this one. The Japanese characters are hiragana and katakana only. It was inspired by a cat cafe a dear friend took me to in Tokyo. I think any font with cats in it should be fun and playful! Download Cat Café right here!