Thanks for stopping by! Most of these fonts are 100% free for personal and commercial use. You can test drive these fonts and more at my Fontspace page. I hope that they can serve you well for your next project!

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The fine print:
Sharasfonts typefaces are the intellectual property of their author, and are protected by copyright laws in many parts of the world.

Typefaces may be downloaded and used free of charge for both personal and commercial use, unless otherwise specified.

Typefaces may not be modified, altered, adapted or built upon without written permission by their respective author.

Typefaces may be converted to other formats or webfonts, as long as the fonts are not modified in any other way, such as changing names or altering individual glyphs.

While typefaces may freely be copied and passed along to other individuals for private use, they may not be sold or published without written permission by their author.

Sharasfonts are offered ‘as is’ without any warranty. The author shall not be liable for any damage derived from using this typeface. By using the given typeface you agree to the terms of this license.