Olives in Cyrillic

An addition to the Olives family, Olives sans Pimiento International version is available for purchase. This typeface contains extended character sets and accented glyphs and is my first foray into Cyrillic. If you are looking for a fun font for a Russian project, look no longer! Head on over to Shara’s Font Shop and download it […]

Update and additions to Olives

Hi there! Today I’ve been tweaking and creating some different versions to my new Olives font. We now have bold and light versions, as well as a different subset called “sans pimiento”, which is basically the dots removed like I mentioned on my last post. These updates will give the font more flexibility and will […]

Just released! Olives.

Just finished up the latest font I was working on. It’s called Olives which is kind of funny considering I’ve never liked those things. Anyway it works best for larger display text. I’m thinking about creating a version without the dots that would be more appropriate as body text. You can download Olives right here.