Paper Snowflakes

Paper Snowflakes! Just in time for the holiday season and winter, this dingbat font contains¬†solid and outlined snowflakes-the kind you might cut from paper. This font is not 100% complete yet but it’s still chock full of flaky goodness. Just consider this a preview! ūüėÄ Free download at!

Dragging Canoe-a font inspired by the Cherokee

We just recently visited Cherokee, NC. That is where the Eastern Band of Cherokee live. It’s such a beautiful city with lots to see and do. I was amazed by the street signs there. Everything is written in English and in Cherokee and the letterforms of the Cherokee syllabary were nothing short of amazing to me. There are a lot of latin letterforms but they look like a phonetic alphabet with diacritical marks. Another feature that made it so interesting was the “letters” (which are really¬†syllables) didn’t match each other. There are capital block type glyphs along with swooshy and swirls of all sorts. Thick and thin stems, seemingly¬†incongruent but still working well together visually. As far as the name of this font, during our trip I found out that my¬†friend Brenda is a descendent of Dragging Canoe, a Cherokee warrior who was a real badass! His story is even featured in the Cherokee museum. Anyway, I couldn’t hope to do their writing¬†justice but here is my attempt. By the way, if you go there you HAVE to eat an Indian Taco! Download Dragging Canoe right here! Oh, and did I mention it’s FREE?


Spork is a cartoon/comic font. It comes in regular, bold, italic and bold italic. Available for download from the spork page on


I was in a fun 70s retro kind of mood when I started drawing this one. It didn’t quite end up the way I thought of when I started but it’s still kind of groovy in an unauthentic way. I really thought it was a silly font and thought of putting the p in the front to continue with the groovy theme. It’s not listed on my main page yet but it’s available here. Might be good paired with mushrooms?

Radio Newsman

Good morning! I’m posting this new font called Radio Newsman. I really like the look of typewriter styled fonts complete with irregularities that give them personality. This font is a sort of tribute to¬†my late grandfather, who was a radio news announcer in Philadelphia. This one’s for you, granddad!