GelDotica returns

This is GelDotica again but with lowercase letters. I added lowercase after I had already released the GelDotica caps fonts to other sites online (which means good luck rescinding them all). I realize it’s pretty redundant having fonts that are only caps. Eventually they will be reorganized, but until then, here are some lowercase options! Next time I’ll post GelDotica plain-same font but without the dots in the Os. It was quite the controversy in my household. Those dots were added last and I thought they were the icing on the font cake. Showed it to DH and he said he liked it without the dots better. Showed DS and (without knowing there was a previous conversation) he said, “I like the dots in the Os!” So now there’s both. Thanks for visiting!

Update and additions to Olives

Hi there! Today I’ve been tweaking and creating some different versions to my new Olives font. We now have bold and light versions, as well as a different subset called “sans pimiento”, which is basically the dots removed like I mentioned on my last post. These updates will give the font more flexibility and will be able to be used in more projects. Yay! Both Olives families can be downloaded here on Have a great weekend!!

Just released! Olives!

Just finished up the latest font I was working on. It’s called Olives which is kind of funny considering I’ve never liked those things. Anyway it works best for larger display text. I’m thinking about creating a version without the dots that would be more appropriate as body text. You can download Olives right here!

Today’s featured font-Lemon Cookie

Today I’m introducing a newly created font called Lemon Cookie. It’s a cute and decorative font and when I was trying to come up with a name I kept having a visual of the font being on packaging from a small bakery. I hope you like it and can use it… maybe on a bag of cookies! Ready to download from

Another Pajama Pants font

Hi there! I’m posting another Pajama Pants font. This one is a lighter weight font. It would be a good choice for smaller text. Like the original Pajama Pants it’s a little on the cartoony side but that would work well for certain applications. The download link also contains Pajama Pants Bold.


Good morning! It’s early Monday morning and I’ve spent most of the weekend  finishing up a couple more fonts that I started while back. Even though I actually finished two new fonts, I haven’t had a chance to actually add them to yet. So with all that said, today’s font is an older one called Quaky-a bold display typeface that has a shaken up appearance perfect for larger text. Quaky and its sibling Quaky Light can be downloaded right here! Thanks so much and see you next time!

Pajama Pants!

Good morning! Well, it’s ridiculously early in the morning because I wanted to check out the Perseids meteor shower. A beautiful cloudless sky but I only saw three meteors in the half hour I was out there. Anyway I figured since I’m up in my pajamas I might as well post one of my latest fonts, called Pajama Pants. It’s a cartoon/comic/pen and ink type of font. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and I also hope that if you went out to check out the celestial show that you had either a better view or better timing than I did! Happy Friday!

Today’s Font-Arizona Tumbleweed

Hello and welcome! Today we have Arizona Tumbleweed, a curly kind of font that reminds me of tumbleweeds rolling around out west. It’s ready for download on Thanks for visiting!!

Bendy Straw Font of the Day

Good morning!! I have a new font for you today called Bendy Straw, named that for hopefully obvious reasons. I hope you like it! Bendy Straw can be downloaded here as well as on Thanks and enjoy the day before Monday!

Font of the Day-Flatstock

Happy Friday!! I thought it would never get here! Today’s font is called Flatstock. It has kind of a bendy sheet metal look. I hope you like it! Flatstock can be downloaded here as well as on Thanks and have a great weekend!